Matthew Kuntz

Platform Architect

About Me

Platform/Cloud Architect in the DC Metro area focused on building fast, scalable and testable web and mobile applications. Passion for Docker (Kubernetes) and Microservices




Expanding on building the best possible cloud native apps with strong visibility and insights into their performance and uptime metrics.

Angie's List

Devops Engineer

Gitlab / Kubernetes / AWS CI/CD

Building out CI/CD solutions for teams to deliver high quality cloud native solutions as quickly and safely as possible.


Backend Software Engineer and Mobile Team Lead

.NET 4.5, netcore 1.1, SQL Server 2012.

Test Driven Development with netcore Rest API using LightInject, Moq and Dapper.

Android (5.0+) Development and Native team lead.

Gitlab + Jenkins + Octopus continuous integration. Logging ELK pipeline

Leading the effort to break up a monolithic webforms application into microservices (Kafka, Docker, etc). Advocate for git-flow and code reviews. Monitoring Application and Server health with AppDynamics, PRTG and monit



C# .NET 4.5, ASP Web Forms , SQL Server 2008. Minor VB.NET Setting up source control (git), improving workflow process (git-flow, JIRA), and working towards a continuous integration server (Bamboo or Jenkins)


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